Devire: IT Contracting Experts in Poland

Are you looking for the best-in-class IT specialists in Poland to implement a key project? Or maybe you want to augment your full-time IT headcount? If you need a fully-flexible IT solution, IT Contracting is the perfect fit for your business!

With Devire, you will create a lean and agile IT team that can adapt quickly to a constantly changing business environment in no time. No unnecessary formalities, no time-consuming paperwork. You focus on the project, Devire takes care of the rest.

How does IT Contracting work?


IT Contracting is a flexible recruitment solution based on IT specialist outsourcing. The IT contractor offers various tech-skillset and cooperates within a set timeframe during which a specific project should be carried out. The company doesn’t waste its resources on maintaining costly in-house IT teams.

Within the IT Contracting, Devire assigns an experienced IT contractor, selected in line with the client’s expectations and tech needs. The project can be launched ASAP as there is no need for the prior time-consuming recruitment process. The organization can immediately benefit from the knowledge and experience of the best IT specialists.

What are the benefits of IT Contracting?

Thanks to IT Contracting, companies can remove the financial burden of hiring and retaining IT specialists. It’s also time- and cost-efficient solution thanks to which our clients don’t need to waste their precious time on sourcing IT specialists for their projects. At Devire, we effectively delegate qualified specialists or entire IT teams.

Devire takes care of all the tedious and time-consuming formalities and procedures related to IT specialists’ employment. We are responsible for IT professionals outsourcing, their contracts, settlement, payrolls, and salaries. We can also provide the equipment and organize a place to work for an individual IT specialist or even the entire IT team working on your project.

When does IT Contracting work best?

IT Contracting guarantees flawless execution of IT projects. It’s dynamic and flexible, built-on-the-go, and fully-adjusted to constantly changing business circumstances. It’s a perfect solution for the projects divided into individual tasks and phases. Each task is estimated separately, thanks to which it’s possible to combine and add subsequent phases to the project.

With IT Contracting, you can expand your headcount with additional IT specialists or create an entirely new team from grounds up on short notice. If a project requires other skills, qualifications, or technology, you can easily replace or staff additional developers. IT Contracting helps to balance stability and change and doesn’t disturb the project’s schedule.

Devire – your partner in IT Contracting in Poland

In IT Contracting, your challenges become ours – you can outsource to us management of companies providing IT services. At Devire, in IT Contracting we operate in three models.

If you still hesitate which one to choose, at Devire, we are always eager to help you select the solution that suits you best:

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