IT Contracting with Devire:
Managed Service Provider model


How does Managed Service Provider (MSP) model of IT Contracting work?

In the Managed Service Provider (MSP) model, Devire takes over the role of an outsourcing agency and manages a cluster of vendors, as well as tech- and non-tech employees. As a service integrator, we provide all the necessary tools, take ownership, and assumes full responsibility for the project implementation. Devire also accounts for people, processes, and technology that drive the project. Our team consists of program managers and coordinators, who are responsible for staffing and managing a certain number of temporary employees at a given time.

A client signs with Devire service-level agreement (SLA). Process management is carried out through the Vendor Management System (VMS), which enables online cooperation between the outsourcing agency and a client. The software significantly improves communication and employees’ onboarding, as well as facilitates the whole staffing process.

What are the Benefits of IT Contracting in Managed Service Provider Model?

Thanks to the Managed Service Provider model of IT Contracting, a company can get rid of its own full-time IT department. It can be replaced by a new team outsourced and managed by Devire. It’s a considerable cost- and resource-saving solution – a client can solely focus on the company’s key activities.

Managed Service Provider model simplifies comprehensive IT implementations. The whole process is managed with the Vendor Management System, which makes the entire process hell of a lot easier. A client regularly receives SLA’s summary reports to monitor project delivery.

Devire – Your Trusted MSP Partner

IT Contracting in MSP model is a tailor-made solution, enabling the attainment of even the most complex and demanding IT projects. A dedicated Project Manager and qualified team guarantee flawless cooperation even on the most demanding and comprehensive IT projects.

We bring to the table our knowledge, skills, tools, and technologies and assumes full responsibility for project implementation with outsourced vendors. On behalf of our client, we manage the external agencies and invoice them.

With Vendor Management System, Devire deals with the distribution of requirements to employment agencies, collecting candidate CVs, planning and coordinating job interviews, generating job offers, invoicing, and managing work time cards. The client doesn’t need to waste time on communication, management, invoicing, briefing, or project management.

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