IT Contracting with Devire:
Hybrid Model

Are you working on multi-phase and long-term IT projects? It’s more than likely that you need a fully flexible IT recruitment solution tailored to your needs, which mitigates the risks on your project.

Hybrid Model will give you the freedom you need to adapt to possible changes in your IT projects. That’s why this highly flexible IT Contracting solution is designed for long-term and complex projects. At Devire, we successfully implement Hybrid Model, adjusting pricing methods to the client’s needs.

How does Hybrid Model of IT Contracting work?


The Hybrid Model is the perfect IT Contracting solution for comprehensive and long-term IT projects where risk differentiation becomes the key. It comes with tailor-made project management and payment methods. The Hybrid Model should be a preferred staffing method at any long-term and complex IT project, such as app development.

The Hybrid Model combines various methods of pricing, cooperation, and perform functions in IT outsourcing. In practice, this means that a certain part of a project is settled based on time and resources, while other tasks have their predetermined scope, duration, and cost.

Hybrid Model combines two types of payment solutions that can be used or/and mixed:

  • Time & Material – the payment depends on how much time and resources are spent to complete the project; with this Model, you save the time you’d spend on planning
  • Fixed Price – there is a fixed budget for a given the project

What are the benefits of IT Contracting in Hybrid Model?

There are recognizable benefits of the Hybrid Model, including risk diversification and effective agile project management. First and foremost, this model significantly reduces project implementation risk. It also decreases the time required to start a project – it can be launched in no time. It also offers better results by continuously improving workflows.

Devire – Your trusted partner in the IT Contracting

At Devire, staffing for a comprehensive IT project is our thing. We specialize in delivering bespoke solutions fully adapted to our clients’ needs and expectations. We discuss the entire process step by step to develop a hybrid model adapted to the given requirements. With us, you will receive a tailor-made solution, thanks to which you can efficiently complete even the most complex and demanding projects.

In the Hybrid Model, we approach the project settlement with full flexibility, offering a settlement in the Fixed Price or Time & Material model. We can also adapt to the project with a budget limit based on the initial valuation or settle part as fixed costs, and the rest based on hours worked. The Hybrid Model is all about clearing the roadblocks that keep your project from launching.

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